Freitag, 21. Dezember 2007

alle jahre wieder

wham's "last christmas" on the radio, overcrowded shops, frosted windows, people with santa hats. its that time of year again.

being in munich as per usual, i have a chance to see what the rich and beautiful of this world are up to in terms of christmas shopping. there's a cartier watch on sale for a mere 19100 euros, but to be honest its so ugly that they'd have to pay me 19100 euros to wear it. there's toasters for 900 euros which will make your toast taste 45 times better than the toast from a 20 euro toaster. but perhaps i'll just settle for the exclusive wine bottle opener for a mere 179 euros, cheapskate that i am.

i wish you all a peaceful holiday season, be it idul adha, hannukah or christmas!

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