Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007


in 1984 the scorpions recorded "still loving you." i wonder at times whether the boys from hannover had any idea that they had created what would soon become the global anthem of bus and taxi drivers? that classic hairmetal masterpiece has accompanied me on endless overland journeys on five continents. but in spite of all the hours i've spent listening to klaus meine's nasal, heartfelt whine and rudolf schenker's over-the-top guitar solos, i have yet to fully understand what it is they are trying to say. i've got about 85 % of the lyrics down by now, but the rest eludes me. ah well, i'm sure i'll have many more hours of travelling waiting for me in which to contemplate the issue.

on a different musical note, i had the joy and honour of seeing the timorese police force's special mobile K2 squad in action the other day, with K2 standing for Keyboard and Karaoke. this flying squad travels around the country performing at various functions, delighting the crowds with timorese pop songs. i must say that they weren't half bad. they did an excellent job of breaking the ice and getting the community involved at a reconciliation meeting up in the matebian area the other day. diak loos!

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